Ready to break free
from the past?

Ready to end the self-sabotage and create the life you truly desire?

You’re in the right place!

Tahereh Matejko


Ready to break free from the past?

Ready to end the self-sabotage and create the life you truly desire?

You’re in the right place!

Tahereh Matejko



You probably find yourself stuck in one (or both) of these two scenarios :



Deep down - you know life is meant to be way better.

You know you deserve to have love and success - you just don’t know HOW to break out of this vicious cycle - and finally feel fulfilled.

Sound familiar? Keep reading.

Don’t Worry - All Is Not Lost.

I want you to know - you’re not alone.

How Does It Work?

Newsflash: it’s NOT a strategy problem.

In most endeavors in life: success is 80% mindset, 20% strategy. In our work together, we get your mindset aligned – so your strategies can finally start working.

That’s what we work on through my multidimensional approach - the 3C Framework - involving your intellect, emotions and energy - to move you into action.


First, you’ll get the skills you need to recognise what patterns are really keeping you stuck. Clarity is power – and you’ll feel more powerful than ever before.


Next, you’ll get more connected to the core of WHO you are. That inner GPS that has all the answers – which allows you experience more love + trust everywhere you go.


Together, we’ll focus on building DEEP confidence (not just pumped-up confidence). The kind you need to take action and bounce back from set-backs. We’ll build core beliefs around your deep, inherent worth – that’s independent of life’s ups and downs.

Generating A-ha Moments

I never realized how core clarity is to everything in my life. Oftentimes, what appears to be a huge dilemma is really a lack of clarity within myself or with others, but I never seem to be able to discern what needs clarification until I work through it with Tahi.


Business Consultant, California




Second Pair of Eyes

It's been said that we can't resolve a problem from the same level of thinking that created it – rightfully so. A trained eye can help you identify and adopt an unfamiliar perspective on a familiar situation.

Clarity Catalyst

Whether you're struggling making decisions or don't know how to cut through the mental clutter, I'm here to help you figure it out. I don't mind digging deep and sometimes that means listening precisely to what you're NOT saying, so I can bring your blind spots to your attention and help you recognize your patterns.

Action Mobilizer & Co-Strategist

I don't want you to leave a session all pumped up, only to find yourself back at square one a week later. The surest way to get lasting results is to get you out in the world and make stuff happen! I'll help you figure out and take your next step, big enough to keep you moving forward and small enough to keep you sane.


I won't join forces with your inner critic and yell at you to lose the excuses. I'm here to elevate, uplift and expand your vision beyond what self-criticism or fear has you believing is possible for you.

Limiting Belief Locator

Be prepared to unlearn preconceived notions about yourself and what is possible for you. The #1 thing holding us back is usually limiting thoughts about ourselves we've come to believe are permanent parts of our personality. I'll challenge you on those – and I'll challenge you hard!

Accountability Partner

It won't always be an easy ride – but it's SO gonna be worth it. I'll help you follow through or get back on track when needed. l'll remind you of what you're capable of when you're tempted to hit snooze on your goals and visions. I may also *lovingly* kick your behind into action.

Connection Creator

You may want to heal relationships, take them to the next level... or create new ones. Maybe you're not sure if you should stay or leave. Maybe there's a challenging situation with a friend, family member or co-worker. I will help you find the solution that’s best for you.

Safe Space

I am honored by my clients' trust and I don't take it lightly. I understand it takes guts to open up about things of a very personal nature. Been there, done that. I provide a judgment-free and confidential space where you can fully be yourself – with all the contradictions, all the messiness, all your hopes and dreams.

How Can We Work Together?

Explore Performance


The Mindset Reset

1:1 Program For Professionals + Entrepreneurs

My 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching Program is designed to help you unlock the next level of success – without the pressure, stress or overwhelm.

Designed for:

Explore Relationship

Performance Coaching

Go- getters

Smart professionals and business owners are ready to cut their own BS, unlock more clarity and go to the next level.

Cycle breakers

Heart-centered professionals who are ready to let go of the past, evolve their identity and shift into a better future – once and for all.


Because success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. Even the best strategy won’t work – if the other 80% is out of whack.


Transformation is a process of subtraction (not addition) – when you release all these fears, a whole new world opens up right in front of your eyes.


Ready to breakthrough beyond your stories, limiting beliefs and
fears? Here are your options:

The Kickstarter

Duration: 3 weeks

Perfect for anyone who wants to identify the main roadblocks and what areas to focus on moving forward.


starts at


one payment only

The 99-Day Booster

Duration: 3,5 Months

Perfect for clients who want to reach and implement their new-found clarity and experience profound breakthroughs in at least one area of life.

What if you could take giant leaps and collapse the timeline to get real results – even faster? Think of this upgrade as having a coach in your pocket. What you get: Everything in the 99-Day Booster + full weekly Voxer access to your coach. This is for fast-action takers who are all-in.

Your investment: €2700 (single payment only)


starts at


one payment or split into 3 payments of €730

The Ultimate Uplevel

Duration: 6 months

Perfect for clients who want to go all-in and experience a 360 degree transformation in their personal/ professional life. 


starts at


one payment or split into 6 payments of €585

Frequently Asked Questions

The higher you go, the shifts are more finely-tuned AND exponentially impactful. At 6-figures and above you’re already playing a different game. Expect the shifts we’ll generate in our work together to have a much bigger effect in terms of impact and income.
Higher income more often than not is a by-product of our work together. Yet, the focus of our coaching will NOT be on money-making strategies. If you’ve made it to 6-figures, I believe you already know a thing or two about making the big bucks. What we’ll focus on together is the energetics and mindset that will help you step up your game with more clarity, joy and purpose than ever before. Together we’ll work on shedding old identities, patterns and beliefs that keep you stressed, burnt-out or stuck at a plateau, so you’ll be able to break through – without relentlessly pushing through. When you’re abundant on the inside, you’ll create more abundance on the outside. It’s inevitable.