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We get to know each other.

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You tell me what you’d like to achieve and what’s been getting in the way. I’ll tell you how I’d apply my approach to your specific situation to get you out of overwhelm and on track to achieving your goals like a boss. Complicated situation? Not yet crystal clear on your goals? No stress! It’s not uncommon for clients to approach me with a certain goal in mind, only to modify it as they gain clarity throughout the coaching process. Just ask me about it when we speak.

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If it feels like we’re a great coach/client fit and my work can truly support and impact you, I’ll walk you through the different ways you can work with me.… And once you take the leap and join (non-dark-side) forces with me, we’ll get busy generating those aha-moments that’ll make the “how to” of creating what you most want a no-brainer. It’ll almost feel like you’re cheating.