[Client Success] How Satya went from dating emotionally unavailable men to life-long commitment – Watch NOW

Tahi Matejko

Tahi Matejko

I help my clients create meaningful breakthroughs in their work life and love life – using the 3Cs: Clarity, Confidence and Connection.

[💍Story Time] If you’ve ever wondered why you keep attracting emotionally unavailable partners (or if you’re subconsciously pushing people away) – you don’t want to miss this video!

Watch this behind-the-scenes interview to learn how my AMAZING client Satya was able to go from a bad breakup and 5 years of being “very single” to being engaged to be married within months – with the guidance and support of my coaching.

In the video we discuss: 

  • why success in love is not about strategies and tactics 
  • the biggest breakthrough that turned her love life around 
  • the power of inner child healing
  • the real reason why men and women attract emotionally unavailable partners on repeat and how to snap out of it 
  • why having the right conversations early and often are critical to long-term relational success 

(And in case you’re wondering: Yes, Satya is married today! Woohoo!!)