You’re just a few
aha-moments away from
falling into place!

Hey go-getter, are you ready for …

… Virtual Life Coaching that strategically generates aha-moments – so you don’t have to wait for the stars to align to figure out how to create what you most want in life?

But first tell me:

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • Too afraid to make the wrong decision, so you end up paralyzed?
  • Too many tabs open in your brain?
  • Feel like you should be further ahead in life by now?

  • Stressing yourself out chasing a dream you’re not even sure is your own?
  • Tired of Work-Eat-Sleep-Repeat?

  • Dealing with emotional baggage? Need closure?
  • Feel insecure in your own skin … and/or body?

  • Struggling to overcome this one thing over and over again … just to find yourself back at square one? (… and then beat yourself up over it)

Relax and breathe. I got you covered.

Hi there,

I’m Tahereh.

You can call me Tahi.
I like both.

I’ve helped smart and soulful individuals around the world get real clear on what’s been holding them back and tune into their inner voice of confidence to move past obstacles and buttkickingly create a life they love.

I’d love to help you get the same kick-ass results!

Ready to stop wondering “what if“ and kickstart your transformation with me?

Let’s hop on a call and get to know each other – no strings attached!

You tell me what you’d like to achieve and what’s been getting in the way. I’ll tell you how I’d apply my approach to your specific situation to get you out of overwhelm and on track to achieving your goals like a boss.

Complicated situation? Not yet crystal clear on your goals? No stress! It’s not uncommon for clients to approach me with a certain goal in mind, only to modify it as they gain clarity throughout the coaching process. Just ask me about it when we speak.

If it feels like we’re a great coach/client fit and my work can truly support and impact you, I’ll walk you through the different ways you can work with me.

… And once you take the leap and join (non-dark-side) forces with me, we’ll get busy generating those aha-moments that’ll  make the “how to” of creating what you most want a no-brainer. It’ll almost feel like you’re cheating.

Hell to the YES! Let’s do this!

After you book your session, I’ll send you the details of how to connect with me on the call. Game on!



I Offer Coaching Sessions:

Client Success Stories

“The skills I have learnt and change in my mindset has been inexplicable!”

“No WORDS, no words can explain my improved thoughts and actions after receiving these amazing hours from Tahereh! The enlightenment that I have experienced starting off by just hearing her sweet soft melodic voice that is filled with love and passion and her just perfect amount of discipline that is required for life’s progress is the prime requisite. The sessions are so amazing that one cannot feel the 60 or 90 minutes and always is grateful that such a person exists to give the energy and aliveness that we all long for in our daily conversations. Indeed, Tahereh is the BEST at this… you can definitely not go wrong if you are to invite her to your life. Basically once you start you will know EXACTLY what I mean and long for the time to come for your next session.“

Samha Ferdosiyan, Optician, Dubai, UAE

“You will have breakthroughs under Tahi’s coaching, and you’ll have a blast doing it!

“As a business strategist, I have a deep appreciation for how strategic Tahi is in her coaching. No matter how many times I’ve worked with Tahi and experienced breakthroughs (there have been many…), it still surprises me how efficiently she extracts the right information and helps me see what’s going on. Oftentimes, what appears to be a huge dilemma is really a lack of clarity within myself or with others, but I never seem to be able to discern what needs clarification until I work through it with Tahi. I feel a newfound strength and grace in me. I am able to recognize and swiftly address the negative-self talk, so I don’t spiral into helplessness. Tahi’s unique ability to facilitate serious discussions while using pointed humor always has me laughing and crying in our sessions, and I walk away with more joy in my heart than I had when I entered.“

Laura, Business Consultant, California, US
“After a single session with Tahereh I realized what I wanted to do and how I needed to do it.”

Tahereh asks the tough questions and if you find a way to dodge, she finds a way to still land the punch. A life coach needs to be exactly that in my opinion.
After the first session I started taking action on something I had been putting off for a year. Just knowing we had the next session scheduled got me moving my butt, because her voice became the voice inside my head. 🙂
The sessions can get difficult with challenging questions, which are even harder to answer out loud, but after the session a sense of relief comes over. I strongly recommend working with Tahereh

Michel Aoun, Personal Trainer, Beirut, Lebanon

“Where I previously held conflicting ideas (…) regarding my professional prospects, I now know where I’m headed.”

Where I previously held conflicting ideas and kept examining various alternatives regarding my professional prospects, I now know where I’m headed – by tapping into my inner drive in the coaching process with Tahereh. I have substantially gained in clarity. By way of her delightful systematic approach, Tahereh effortlessly gets me to come up with the solutions myself. It’s astonishing how asking the right questions can challenge the right aspects of one’s own thinking and feeling. The incentives & examples to adopt new perspectives were groundbreaking. As was having the coach as a mirror: being told how I come across in a safe environment is worth gold. Working with a coach/expert in their respective fields can be immensely rewarding and at times induce major shifts in just one session.“

Still on the fence?

No worries. I get this may be a huge step if you’ve never worked with a coach before. Feel free to shoot me any question you may have here.

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